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Personal Health Advocacy


What is a Personal Health Advocate?

  • At YESRN, LLC, you are hiring a Personal Health Advocate who works for you.  
  • You decide who and when we can share information with your health care providers.
  • Our role is to assist you to ...
    • understand information
    • give options and ideas
    • locate helpful resources
    • complete assessments
    • assist with planning
    • & advise if your needs are not met. 
  • Your Personal Health Advocate is a nurse acting in a consultant role.  This means we do minimal "hands on" care.  We will suggest options and referrals if additional care is needed. 

Your personal resource through the maze!

Home Care Planning

Have you planned for your future?

Many people have completed 

Advanced Directive forms.

  •  Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
  • POLST (Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment)
  • Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)

  These forms provide a roadmap 

for your doctors and family on what you want when you can't speak for yourself.  

But have you planned for

 your basic day-to-day needs?  

  • What if you can't  get out of bed?
  • Can you take your pills correctly?
  • Can you get in the shower? 
  • Will a wheelchair go down the hall?
  • How are you going to grocery stop?  
  • Can you get down the stairs?

What is your plan?

Health Education

How much do you remember?

Patients remember about 30-50% of what they are told by their health providers.   Now add the emotional stress of a new diagnosis or dealing with an injury you have no knowledge of.

Let's say  your doctor tells you have diabetes.  Shock!  He's calling in a perscription and will see you in a month.  You go to the pharmacy, speak with the pharmacist, take home pills and a bunch of papers.  You are scare, worried and confused.  Diabetes me?   No way!   

Is this a good thing?

Ask yourself....Did the doctor talk to you about options?  Diet rather then medication?  Possible side effects?  How your medications may cause more problems?  It was a 15 minute visit. Did he take the time to explain what diabetes is?

We can make the complex simple.

Evaluation & Continuity Visits

Are you caring for a spouse or adult child?

As a caregiver, you often may only have enough strength to just get through the day.

It may be difficult to be objective about the situation you're in.  

It is simpler to let things go. Routines may change, not always for the better.

You said you would never, but you are barely able to get through the day.

  This is beyond overwhelming.

We offer suggestions to manage the situation; coach you though the process; and monitor short or long term.  If hiccups happen, we will be there to walk you through those too.

Let us help you sort out 

the important from the overwhelming 

that you are dealing with. 

Wellness Checks

Do you live alone or in a care center?

We are living longer and 

often without family around us. 

 Who checks on your parents when 

you living in another state or country?

 Is here someone to check 

on mom, or dad, or Auntie Jo 

when you want or need to be 

out of town for the weekend?

In long term or assisted care, when residents are visited more frequently,

 this may positively influence care.   

Who is checking on Uncle John?

A few times or every month, we provide eyes on your loved one to observe, evaluate and report. 

Take steps to Prevent Problems!


Long Term Care Decisions

Where can you go?

As we age, changes occur.  

Sometimes the unexpected happens.  

More often than not, we are unprepared.  

Everything seems to be rushing at you or the people you have designated to look after you.  

You have completed Advanced Directives and planned to stay in your home.

Do your written documents say what to do if you can't stay in your home?

  Have you talked with your family about what to do?  Or is reality too hard to talk about?

Do you have the resources for care? 

Who's taking care of dad if mom can't?   

When is the time to consider other options?  

What are my options?

Let us help facilitate the 

conversation and plan

 for you and your family!


How to Get Started with yesRN

We provide confidential appointments to evaluation your situation and give you ideas.   

Start by...


Write us a brief note of what concerns or need you have, Enter your contact information.

We will contact you...

Including our prices, availability, and other important information.

When we meet, we will ... 

1. Discussed services and costs that you choose.

2. Discuss your needs and history

3. Consider a basic evaluation, if needed. 

4. Formulate a plan of action.

5. Put that plan into action whether it is for a single visit or more often. 

Remember, we work for you!