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Heart Month

February 20, 2018 - Does Your Boss Have A Heart?

My boss is...

What do employees think makes a good boss?

That question can probably fill volumes depending on the type of work being done. Some would expect the boss to work along side them.  Others a boss who is calm, centered and reliable. The thing I  hear most often is someone who listens and acknowledges the employee as a person with needs, value and heart.

My employee is...

Most bosses look for have a body to work with.  That is a good thing.  Next having the look, the sound, the attitude of a reasonable person.  Having the same expectations for a position, means they're engaged.  OK, now the tough part...can we communicate?  Are we listening, goal planning and producing in the manor I need?  There often lies the rub.   Not only do employees have to be good listeners, but so do bosses.  

When you are the boss, there is a lot of weight on your shoulders.  Whether it be self imposed or expected from higher up, the path you tread is filled with trying to please others.  Passing on the steps and  expectations of performance effectively to those who can make you look good or bad is a skill every boss should have.  Your employees buying in to the process is essential.  It's not easy trying to make everyone happy, and often you can't.  So what can you do?

It all starts with communication.

Sender - Message - Receiver

Speaker - Message - Listener

1.  Ask are your employees hearing your message?

2. Is the message, expectation, outcome clear?

3. Is the environment open for discussion or questions?

4. Are you, the boss, actively listening?

When employees question, it doesn't necessarily mean they are questioning your authority.  If the message isn't clear, it may be the process, the details, or the goal.  They might see a missing link in the process.

When a boss listens, employees sees someone that values their input, knowledge, the individual needed as part of the team to make things happen. The impression is you care. 

They may also save you time and money by staying loyal helping to build your business!

New Year - New Thoughts!

January 3, 2018 - What is Your Office Vibe?

Have you ever walked into a place of business and it just felt uncomfortable?  

What was your gut telling you?  

Were you listening?


A while ago, I walked into a business that on the surface appeared pretty average.  The place was clean, staff seemed friendly enough, and the talk routine.  An ok place to work, right?

Unfortunately, those first impressions were not quite accurate.  After spending a short amount of time with staff, something was amiss.  It became apparent, staff was unaware on how their frequent swearing affected their co-workers and their customers.  Yes, in ear shod of the customers.  

Worst of all, management also demonstrated the behavior.  When made aware of some of the staff's discomfort, little was done to address the behavior and lack of professionalism. 


How would you answer the following:

  • After hearing this additional information, would you accept this in a professional office environment?  
  • As a manager, would you address the behavior and expect behavioral changes?
  • If you were an employee, would you be comfortable in this environment?
  • Would you say something? 
  • Would you expect something to be done about this by management?
  • If the behaviors persisted, would this be considered a hostile workplace?
  • Would you expect staff turnover to be frequent?

Share, Discuss, Think about this!


This is an extreme exception to what is usually found in today's workplace.  

Thank goodness it is not the rule, but it does make a few good points.  

  • Consideration and treating others with respect should be a priority not the exception. 
  • Manners never go out of style.  
  • Whether an owner, manager or employee, you have the responsibility to "set the tone" in your business environment.
  • Keeping your good employees from leaving in a hostile workplace is good business sense and saves money.
  • Respecting your customers is good for business, increases positive "word of mouth" advertising, and is profitable.

What "vibes" are you sending?


November 5, 2017 - Skills or Train To Your Liking

In today's job market, an employer may have limited choices on the type of employees available.  Will it be the older, experienced person that can fill the position with minimal training?  Or will it be...the new, fresh individual with limited knowledge and experience that will need a minimum of 1-2 weeks of supportive growth and development? Of course the choice is yours and will depend on how much time and energy you are willing to invest.  So let's talk about the differences and benefits of each.

There is something to be said about the more experienced worker.  If you want someone that will show-up; will usually have a great understanding about customer service; and will dress the part, then this is the person for your business.   Limited babysitting will be required for the routine office activities if they have worked in a similar setting.  This individual will more than likely come to you asking questions for something specific to your business and will be respectful of the process.  They may not, however, follow your lead without question if there is a better alternative that might work.  If you don't like being questioned or looking for better alternatives, then perhaps this is not a good fit.  If you are open to improvements, value a new perspective, and like an involved staff this employee may be just what the doctor ordered.

It is both refreshing and at times, exhausting to develop a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-box employee.  This individual is sure to have lots of questions.  They will need assistance in learning the basic processes and skills even if they have completed a training program.  Sometimes these individuals may have issues with timeliness and dress if not given specific instructions.   Appropriate language and customer service may also need some guidance.   Most of the time, these new recruits will be willing to learn, open to your directives and work for you for 1-5 years on average.  Enthusiasm can be contagious and with the right staff addition, this person may bring the spark your office has been lacking.

In the experienced worker, and employer's investment will be more monetary and less time.  For the less experienced worker, it is more time than money.  Finding the best candidate that will blend and be an assets is ideal. Your needs and goals will determine which is the the best option for your business.   

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October 10, 2017 - Finding The Right Employee

As with everything else these days,  many employers have also started to depend on technology when looking for qualified candidates to fill positions.  There are both pros and cons to this approach depending on the nature of the work.  

If a position is very structured and the work has few variables, an algorithm might work well.  Also weeding out those with limited education or experience in the needed discipline might be helpful.

But in healthcare, there is always the human factor that might not be able to be quantified by a "one-size-fits-all" approach.  This can be seen in the student with a advanced degree who can memorize anything and recite it back "chapter and verse" with extreme accuracy.  Only when placed in a situation that does not lend itself to written documentation will fumble and be unsure.  This occurs in part because there is no point of reference to draw from.

Finding the right employee for your business should include a comprehensive approach utilizing both methods.  There will be the obvious applications that don't fit your plumber applying for a nursing position.  But there may be a few applications that have you curious and asking what is the rest of the story.  It may be worth your time to meet these average individuals and see whether they are the perfect fit.  They may surprise you and be the exceptional employee you are hoping for!

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