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About Us

Business Needs

yesRN is your Health Care Consultant assisting healthcare entities in problem evaluation with workable solutions.   

yesRN is outcome driven while understanding business practices' need to meet or exceed today's standards.  

yesRN offers options to determine the cause of concerns, resolution strategies as well as staff training to help you succeed.

yesRN can meet both simple and complex needs for your business.  

Consumer Needs

yesRN is your Consumer Health Advocate in Reno, NV.

yesRN can explain medical jargon & conditions to increase your knowledge and understanding. 

yesRN can decrease stress when attempting to navigate through the complex healthcare maze.

yesRN can provide individual support through an illness or to keep you well, check on you remotely or in person.

A Unique Way

yesRN is effective because we look at business and consumer challenges from a nurse's perspective.   

yesRN is Patient Focused!  

yesRN  believes quality care promotes quality results!

yesRN advocates for healthy, positive solutions for everyone!

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